Clearwater Marine is a private
investment company specialising
in the maritime sector.

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Clearwater Marine Investments was established by its principal, Nigel Hill, in 2002. Over time it has evolved from a consultancy business into its present position as a private investment company.

Today, Clearwater holds strategic investments in ships, marine services and property, with certain other opportunistic venture capital positions in a variety of different fields.

As its name implies, Clearwater Marine is focused principally on the maritime sector through significant holdings in Woodstreet Inc, Woodstreet Investments BV and the Wallem Group.
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Maritime Investments

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Woodstreet Investments






Clearwater's maritime-based investments are organised under the Woodstreet brand name which it is developing together with Viken Shipping AS, owned by Nigel's long term business partner, Tom Steckmest.

Clearwater and Viken have together founded and developed Woodstreet Investments BV and Woodstreet Inc.

Woodstreet Investments BV is an Amsterdam-registered company and the owner of the Wallem Group Limited, one of the largest and best known marine service companies in the World, specialising in technical ship management Ship Agency, Ship broking, IT software development and commercial ship management, Wallem has approximately 300 vessels under technical management.

Woodstreet Inc was founded by Clearwater and Viken to own, control and operate a fleet of ocean-going vessels as well as to provide Asset management services to financial investors in the maritime industry.

The Woodstreet Shipping companies own a fleet of vessels of different types and designs which are operated under a mixture of spot and time charters.



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Other Investments


Clearwater has also built up a diverse portfolio of alternative investments in property and other sectors on an opportunistic basis. Through Clearwater Marine Properties Limited it owns a number of residential properties in the UK and abroad.
Other investments made by Clearwater have tended to be start-up or early stage of development companies in need of venture capital. A recent example includes a major stake in:


Clearwater Hydroacoustics Ltd





Clearwater Hydroacoustics began trading in 2018 with an aim to develop and commercially exploit technology which was originally conceived within the UK Ministry of Defence. 

Its principal product, the SonarBell®, is a fully passive, robust and omni-directional device that focuses and reflects acoustic energy.

Possible application areas of SonarBell® are use as a test target for sonar equipment, as mimics (of mines, divers, submarines etc) in the defence sector or to mark a location or object to enable detection, tracking and identification. 



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About us


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Nigel Hill - Clearwater



Nigel Hill
Managing Director of Clearwater Marine Investments Limited and Director of Woodstreet Investments BV and Woodstreet Shipholdings.

An experienced, merchant bank-trained shipping financier and investor with over thirty years' service in the industry.

After fourteen years with Hill Samuel Bank Limited and six years with Berliner Bank A.G., Nigel established Clearwater Marine Investments Limited to provide consultancy/advisory services to Banks, Shipyards and Shipping companies, including equity raising and tax leasing opportunities.

During his banking career Nigel particularly specialised in advising on work-out/recovery projects and successfully managed a large number of diverse and mostly complex cross-border problem situations. His wide experience in this field includes 'owning' and operating over 100 ocean-going vessels of various types

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Contact us


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Nigel Hill - Clearwater



Clearwater Marine Investments Ltd
8H Old Yard
Rectory Lane, Brasted
Kent TN16 1JP

Tel No: 0207 283 2129                     
Fax No: 0207 283 6653




Clearwater Marine Investments is a proud sponsor of Chipstead Football Club in Sevenoaks

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